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Dagmar Streicher

Born in Austria, Dagmar Streicher spent her childhood and teenage years in Styria and Vienna. She left her home country several times and thus lived in Spain, France, Thailand and primarily in the US. Now Dagmar lives and works back home, in Vienna, Austria and travels regularly to Paris, France and Croatia. After her graduation from Virginia Commonwealth University 1987, she worked in Advertising. During her years as a commercial film director, she cooperated internationally with Agencies like Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi, Young & Rubicam and has won several awards. 1998 she quit with advertising because it lacked content and she felt, that 10 years where good and enough. She left for Thailand. In 1999 she sold her first script for a feature film. At the same time she started experimenting with video shorts, video installations and sculptures. In her Art Installations she mainly works with video and film but also she still experiments with other material, mostly involving requisites used in a film. Today, Dagmar’s field of work has a wide variety: she works as an author, a director, and dramaturge. Furthermore she is a member of the editorial department for Arts at ORF (Austrian Broadcasting).  2005, at the age of almost 40, she went back to study at the University for applied Arts in Vienna. (postgraduate).  2007 dagmar was asked to jump into a new field: to work for the national daily news. She has anchored about 300 news shows at midnight, called Zib 24, before she left the ORF Newsroom in December 2010.  Since then she focuses on her freelance work again.

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