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>>die sich gegenseitig bereichernde Mannigfaltigkeit ohne Berührungsängste (eine Spielart) ist das Lebensthema selbst<< (ds)

Frank explores the U.S. showrunner and writers’ room system and compares it to his experience writing and producing drama series in Europe. Although the systems are very different, there are lessons for writers, script-doctors, producers and broadcasters to be learned from each. Frank goes through the process of assembling a staff for a writers room, and talks about how a show runner organizes and manages the production of a drama series. He also discusses the importance of collaboration, and how differing visions from writers, directors, producers and broadcasters are reconciled.

Spotnitz is an award-winning writer, producer and showrunner best known for his work on The X-Files. His latest series, Hunted, aired on BBC1 and HBO Cinemax in autumn 2012.?His other credits includeStrike Back: Project Dawn, Night Stalker, Michael Mann’s Robbery Homicide Division, The Lone Gunmen, Harsh Realm and Millennium. Spotnitz serves as chief executive of Big Light Productions Ltd, a London-based production company specializing in trans-Atlantic drama series. Hunted, produced by Big Light in association with Kudos Film and, was an international spy thriller starring Melissa George. He created, wrote and executiveproduced the eight-part series. HBO Cinemax has commissioned a spinoff.

Audio Mitschnitt: http://www.drehbuchforum.at/files/spotnitz_lecture.mp3

Moderation: Dagmar Streicher

Graz: Diagonale 2013 / Branchentreffen

Wien: 6.12.2013 @ Albert Schweitzer Haus / Veranstalter Drehbuchforum